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Delhi Belly

Hello world!

Hi, Friends..

First of all, I really want to thank to the creators of Internet, it has made things soo simple, today in the Editorial of The Hindu newspaper it was rightly quoted that ” Internet is evolved as ‘Che Guevara’ of the 21st Century” it really have brought the world under one roof.

This is my very first blog and I really m not sure of where to start, So here it is…  right now in this very moment I am living in a rented single room over the topmost floor of a residential apartment, in Old Rajendra Nagar in New Delhi, where there is enough space to stretch my hands in all the possible direction’s standing at the centre of it, which is quite enough space from my point of view to live in, the most useful thing in it, which has evolved to be so due to Global warming is an Air Cooler, other’s being my laptop, a wardrobe and at last a study table (an object to which i came across first time in my life up to its full extent of meaning. Before, it was only known to my subconscious mind as an object on which i can place my head comfortably).

Before starting with preparation’s, in fact before this very thought came into my mind that I can be an IAS officer i.e. 2 months before I was in a fix, that should I join my job again which i left for preparing for IES studies or continue with my preparations, it was like 2 and half months remaining for the very exam for which I left my job. The job of which I only dreamt in my college days was really not the one that I wanted to continue for my whole life, the fact that I came across only after spending 3.5 years. The kind of diverse challenges and people’s that I faced in L&T, really made me indestructible from within. Of then I came to know that IES is also not the thing I really want to do as my interest was more towards General Studies and knowing the new things than solving the equations of mathematics. which prompted me to opt for Civil Services, which really proved fruitful till now. Not because I m confident of getting through but due to the process from which I am travelling, which at the end will certainly make me the real Citizen of India, the one who knows it’s each and every dimension.

Not  much talking about my past, as it is known to most of my nearest and dearest friends, I want to take you people in my very present day.

The place where I live is on the periphery of the region where u can not get any single room of size I described earlier for less than 7k bucks, all because of the so-called aspirants of Civil Services Examination who come from far most parts of India to prepare for one of the most difficult examination existed ever, or at least in the recent times. of those I m also one. Somewhere in the mind resides the confidence for which every single of these student’s are trying, who are mostly in their mid to late twenties. Here you can often hear Marathi while walking on street’s. today on my way to the coaching’s I crossed a really beautiful girl whose dimensions were of a typical Punjabi girl was talking in Marathi, I wondered that all Marathi beauties are preparing for UPSC? 😉 …   Anyways, it’s already been 5 days in Delhi but this heat of summer is making me feel like it’s been a year. Thank to the inventor of Air Cooler because of which i survived :-]

Thanks for reading me so patiently, Hope you have liked my first ever attempt…  and yeah as I am still working on my English skills, please bare with it…  🙂

will come back soon….  till then saayo nara……